React to Price Movements as They Happen

Set Price alerts to get informed when an instrument reaches a specific Buy or Sell price.


You wish to know when XRP Buy price reaches $49.81 as you believe it is likely to rise. Set a price alert, and if Crypto reaches that level, notifications will be sent to you via  the PushBullet app.

Change % (Daily or Hourly)

Receive Instant Notice about Percentage Increase or Decrease

Use Change % alerts to get notifications when an instrument’s absolute price change (positive or negative) reaches a certain level. Change % alerts can also be configured to recur on a daily or hourly basis.


You want to get notified when Stellar rises by 0.80% from the last trading session. After placing an alert, a global market event sends the price 0.80% higher, and you will receive an alert from which you can directly log in to your account.


  1. 1. Download PushBullet app on your phone (available for Android & iOS)
  2. 2. Create an account on it
  3. 3. Connect with your new account here :
  4. 4. Go on Settings > Account and create an Access token
  5. 5. Copy the key and paste it on the fill and click on save.
  6. 6. A notification will be sent to check if connexion is successful.

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